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Because of the Moon

A funny novel aimed at teens but adults will enjoy the humorous, clever and fast-paced story just as much. For a great summer read pick up a copy.

What is this new teen novel about...

“Obedience is for dogs,” spouts Jay; an out of control thirteen year old.
 Arrested for being at a chop shop, Jay can either go to juvenile
detention or move to the poor Indian reservation his mother shunned fourteen years ago where his estranged grandfather will oversee Jay’s penance.
Jay's latest prank,'rat day', may have to happen without him.

Thirteen year old graffiti artist Jay Roberts is caught in a shakedown of the chop shop in his favourite alley. With no one to back up his innocence, Jay is given a choice, either juvenile detention or six months on his mother’s run down Indian reservation where his estranged grandfather will oversee the punishment.

Confined to the village, Jay feels claustrophobic and used. He continues his destructive behaviour; shooting a crow, breaking curfew and hitch-hiking back to the city. His social worker, thick-ankles Thornton, is anxious to catch Jay in the act and send him to youth detention. The kids of the village treat Jay as an outsider, calling him "Apple". To survive, Jay is forced to confront Miles, the school bully. Jay’s creative problem solving will either neutralize Miles and win the respect of his peers or turn him into “Apple” sauce.

Jay’s resentment is slowly chipped away as he gets to know the quirky villagers. Grampa reveals their rich heritage through storytelling and totem pole carving which may be lost as more people are forced to move away. Will Jay choose to stay and fight for the vanishing village of his ancestors or will he return to the city he calls home? 

Because of the Moon is a funny and heart-warming story about standing up for yourself, discovering who you are and fighting to preserve your culture and heritage.

If you enjoy this book, be sure to check out the sequel, The Mystery of the Copper Raven (see below)



The Mystery of the Copper Raven

During the potlatch abolitions in the early 20th century, violent raids on coastal Indian villages destroyed many ceremonial masks and sacred artifacts. Legend has it that a young brave was able to save some of the treasured pieces including the priceless Copper Raven statue. Fifteen-year-old Jay Roberts is convinced the statue lies hidden in the mountains behind his village. The problem is no one else believes him.

His only chance to search is during his vision quest. Follow Jay as he pieces together clues found in Indian songs, Emily Carr paintings, pictographs and an inside out totem pole. Will Jay locate the Copper Raven or will the eagle poachers put an end to his search … and maybe his life.


This book is the sequel to Because of the Moon




Maggy's Waggy Tail

What do you do when a puppy knocks on your door and your heart?

You let her in, of course. And life for the Taylor family hasn’t been the same since.

Follow Maggy and her tail as she finds trouble at every wag. From the park, to school, and even a wedding, Maggy’s tail causes mischief and mayhem.

Mr. Taylor wants Maggy gone but when her first owner claims her for his puppy mill will Mr. Taylor change his mind?

Maggy's Waggy Tail is like 8 stories in 1. Each chapter stands alone as a story but also combines to tell the tale of how Maggy and the Taylor’s become a family.









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